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  Publié le 13/11/2018 par Rodolphe
Team Building Agency Are you looking for a team building agency for your company ?

Do you know MadCityZen, leading event agency in the field of original animation ?

In this article, we give you all the keys to a successful team building seminar in France !

MadCityZen : A professional team building agency

A team building agency like ours owes its success to all its logistics and human resources.

MadCityZen has 5 warehouses in France to store all our equipment.

Lights, stage sets, technical racks, audio equipment, instruments, etc. Everything is under our control to meet all the requirements of our customers.

Thus, when you call us, you are sure to get a quality service that knows how to be fast, responsive, and above all, that adapts to all your requests. With MadCityZen, animations are "delivered" on time !

And because the material is nothing without the professionals who handle it, we surrounded ourselves with professional animators and expert project managers in the organization of events of all sizes.

Our project managers know how to transcribe your needs into reality by proposing an adapted animation. They are responsible for your events and ensure the proper coordination of all providers.

And of course, all our service providers are recruited for their exceptional know-how in the field of animation that you have chosen.

In other words, with our level of commitment and requirement, we guarantee you the best possible conditions for a successful team building seminar.

MadCityZen : a recognized Team Building Agency

With 10 years of experience in the field of team building and incentive seminars, MadCityZen is an Agency who is able to give you the best of what exists.

Our team is always at the forefront to create original concepts and propose them to you before everyone else !

Examples ? Here are three :
  • Autosmash : An incredible animation, which allows all your employees to let off steam by destroying cars !
  • Electroclash : To break cars is much less interesting than destroying high-tech objects? So this original animation is for you !
  • Pillow Battle : We found a way to make you fall back into childhood and break the routine in one animation! Come grab some cushions and throw them on your colleagues safely !
And of course our catalog of animations does not stop with its three examples ! Come and discover our 74 original animations created to entertain, exchange, build, strengthen and enhance your teams. There is something for everyone, all in 8 major themes :
  1. Innovation and rupture : to surprise your guests.
  2. Art and creativity : to create and imagine.
  3. Music and expression : to express oneself through different arts.
  4. Cinema : to play with the seventh art.
  5. Zen and well-being : to restore energy and soothe consciences.
  6. Gastronomy and culinary : to please your taste buds in a friendly atmosphere.
  7. Challenges : to overcome yourself.
  8. Sustainable development : to strengthen links around fun and ecological activities.
Successful animations that make all our customers 100% satisfied !

A Team Building Agency that accompanies you

In terms of entertainment, our Team Building Agency is here to help you make the right choices.

Because in the end, what makes a good seminar ? A good animation ? What guarantees that your employees will have a good time?

Well it's very simple : its organization upstream !

The more precise you will be with your desires and needs, the closer you will be to a seminar of excellence.

Our Team Building project managers are trained to ask you the right questions : the essential questions.

What do you expect from your animation ? Are there any important messages to convey to your teams ? Values ​​to highlight ? What is the big theme of your event ?

Thanks to all these questions, we will be able to decide which animation suits you best, and even how we will make it unique and completely personalized for your company.

Do you want an extraordinary animation ?

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our project managers will be delighted to contribute to the success of your next team building !

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